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Lacuna Coil’s and Cristina Scabbia’s official facebook pages are hacked!

As I am a fan of Lacuna Coil I follow them on Facebook and one day I observed Cristina posted some links and posts unusual for her. Then she posted her official facebook page is hacked and she opens a new page called Cristina Scabbia Official 2  . The page was hacked around Christmas time. To make you understand what I want to say, here are some screenshots from her hacked page:


In the photo above the hacker changed Cristina’s real name in something called “CrisBow” and changed the type of the page in Podcast.


The hacker keep Cristina’s original posts and add a lot of nonsenses. As the days passed I realize the hacker shares posts only from one site called, he/she don’t share posts from other sources at all and this make me think that all this hacking is all about promoting his/her site. Having the blue check mark from facebook will make people believe he/she is genuine.

Lacuna Coil’s official page was hacked too and the hacker changed the name in Lacuna King, at the first time, and then into King Coil. The page is still hacked.


On December 30th Cristina announces that the official page is safe.



And on the New Year’s Eve (December 31st) her page was hacked again and of course the hacker start sharing again the same nonsenses.


So, fans, for the moment the real Cristina is on Cristina Scabbia Official 2 , Twitter and Instagram.



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