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REVIEW: MAC x Dita Von Teese Lipstick in Von Teese

Hello everyone!

When it comes to red lipsticks, no one wears in better than Dita Von Teese. Sporting a Marilyn Monroe-esque vintage makeup all the time, the renowned burlesque dancer completes her look with a striking red lip colour which stands out from her porcelain white skin and silky black updo. With red lips already ingrained into her image, it wasn’t hard to guess the shade of her lipstick with MAC even before it was announced.


Having worked with MAC on their Viva Glam campaign almost a decade ago (alongside many other celebrities), Dita Von Teese is certainly no stranger to the brand. But unlike the first partnership in which Dita Von Teese probably had little to no involvement in the decision of the lipstick shade, this latest collaboration sees a distinctive style of the said artiste – her trademark red lipstick, inspired by the launch of her new book, Your Beauty Mark.

MAC x Dita Von Teese MAC…

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