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My top 5 nail polish brands + nail treatments

I do manicure and nail art for 9 years now. Instead of going with the trend of gel or acrylic manicure I prefer to have my own natural nails and use nail polish or gel polish that you can remove with acetone. So in 9 years I tried every nail polish on the planet, so here is my top 5 nail polish brands:



essence-logo  b147483e1ca12cbd3b932ba5dfca6368

2. REVERS beauty & care

014347901   lac-de-unghii-cu-gel-maxi-revers8387411



cm9swn4g  slider_top_nailenamelx


gabrini-cosmetics  gabrini-neon-nail-polish


mobile-logo  original

My favorite nail treatments from ESSENCE and KillyS.




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