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Don’t be #arrogant, don’t be #umile, BE YOU!

Don’t be #arrogant, don’t be #umile, BE YOU!

Source: Don’t be #arrogant, don’t be #umile, BE YOU!

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Chronic Anger

Chronic anger is so damaging to your body that it may out rank smoking, obesity and a high-fat diet as a risk factor for chronic disease and early death.

Worse, no one seems to know what to do with it. You shouldn’t suppress anger, say some, as that only enhances the physical damage. You should not vent it either, say others, as that only enhances the physical damage! Anger is maddening.

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Are you getting angry by simple things?

Psychologists have attempted to categorise and label the different forms of anger as they do many different abstract concepts. However there is no real agreement on how many types of anger there are and experts vary in their estimates from at least eight to twelve. The problem here is the fact that anger is actually completely unique in every incarnation and highly affected by the context, the causes and the individual; if only for the fact that you’ve experienced anger before it will be different when it later occurs. Thus any resource that claims there are definitely ‘8 types of anger’ are misleading. Categorisation attempts continue however as they still have their uses. Below are eight forms of anger that are fairly widely agreed upon:

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