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Lacuna Coil’s and Cristina Scabbia’s official facebook pages are hacked!

As I am a fan of Lacuna Coil I follow them on Facebook and one day I observed Cristina posted some links and posts unusual for her. Then she posted her official facebook page is hacked and she opens a new page called Cristina Scabbia Official 2  . The page was hacked around Christmas time. To make you understand what I want to say, here are some screenshots from her hacked page:

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Get ready for the most outstanding website!

We are people like you and we want to read about our favorite topics but we didn’t find it anywhere or found just 2 or 3 lines about a subject that you can write pages! So we though that is time to make a website where everyone can read about the “underground” things that media don’t care but you do.

Get ready to read about your favorite not-so-popular actor/actress, singer, band, cartoon, book, author, animal etc.!

Stay tuned!

Comment bellow and tell us what are your favorite things that media don’t care about!